Assamese Film Songs have a great significance on the Music of Assam. Music of Assam refers to the various musical genres of the country and it is an integral part of the culture and a product of human society. Assamese Film Songs gradually evolved over decades, and now for modern urban listeners Assamese Film Songs have become the most appreciated format. The lifestyles of the people are changing and due to this they are changing their taste towards the Assamese Songs. It can be broadly divided into two categories. One is folk oriented which is relatively simple and spontaneous outburst of folk mind and heart and the other is Assamese film and modern songs, these are more foot tapping and energetic. The subjects of the Assamese Film songs vary, in sync with the progress of modern civilization.

Sangita Kakati was born in Chaygaon, to Dr. Surendra Narayan Kakati, and Anjali Kakati. Dr. Surendra Narayan Kakati was a government doctor, but since the Chaygaon area had no other doctor for miles around, he gave up the government job to start private practice. A popular singer of present-day Assamese Film Songs scenario, Sangita Kakati is blessed with one of the sweetest voices you will ever hear. “Eaibeli Rongmoney” of the 33rd National Games, was the beautiful theme based rendition of Sangita Kakati and later it was the chartbuster for the Assamese Film Songs.

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