5 Reasons Why Saraswati Puja Beats Valentine’s Day in Assam

Saraswati Puja is undoubtedly the most popular festival in the eastern region. Saraswati is the goddess of learning, arts and crafts. This festival is held in the month of Magh (January-February). It is a festival celebrated by the youth, particularly students who invoke the blessings of the goddess for success in learning, arts and crafts. Throughout Assam, Saraswati Puja is celebrated in schools, colleges, Tutorial classes and clubs.

Well! you may think what so important about this festival and how it beats Valentine’s day.. so here are the 5 reasons why Saraswati Puja beats valentine’s day in Assam.

1. Boys and Girls in Traditional Dresses – The Ravishing Environment


The Saraswati Puja is one of the most important socio-cultural events after Bihu and Durga Puja. Girls come out wearing traditional dresses like Mekhela Chador and Saree to schools and colleges to offer prayers. In no other days of the year, you will able to see all girls wearing traditional outfits. Most of the boys also wear ethnic dresses. Thus the environment becomes so much beautiful.

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2. No Rules – Everyone is a Free Soul


In Valentine’s day most parents will not allow their children to go out but in the day of Saraswati Puja every one is a free soul. We don’t need the permission of our parents to stay out on this day, after all, it is Saraswati Puja. You can find couples roaming around the city without caring much about what is going on or what people could say about them.

3. Best Day For a Perfect Date


Parks, Restaurants, Theatres, Malls, you will find great options to hang out with your loved one on Saraswati Puja. Couple are free to walk hand in hand lost in their own love stories.

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4. Meeting New People and they Become Friends Later.


On this day, youngsters don’t just hang out in college, they also roam around in other colleges. They meet new people, new faces and obviously, meeting new people means new connections, exchange of contacts, long chats and hopefully love!

5. New Hope for Singles


Saraswati Puja is a paradise for singles. On this day, every single has a probability of finding true love skyrockets. Also, most of them make it a point to open up about their feelings to the one they love on Saraswati Puja. And of course, some of them get an answer with a lajukia smile which means a heartwarming yes!

One of the most common scenes for any casual passerby on a Saraswati puja is that of scores of young couples walking next to each other with a smile on their faces and a glint of mischief in their eyes. Yes, this is the specific reason for which this festival is regarded as the Assamese Valentine’s Day.

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