8 Films of 2016 That Show The Bright Side Of Assamese Cinema

Here is the list of 8 films which define the Assamese cinema in such a way which is really rare to see. These upcoming films show the bright side of Assamese Cinema. These films have been chosen on the basis of the uniqueness & freshness of either of their form or content. We would love to know which ones you agree with & where you disagree with our choice.

“The market of Assamese films is very small. Therefore at times we fail to make the kind of films we want to”- Jahnu Baruah.

Kothanodi- The River of Fables

For his Assamese-language debut feature Kothanodi (River of Stories), Bhaskar Hazarika has revisited folk tales that he had read as a child. This film is on of the best Indian independent films of last year. Although this film has been screened worldwide, its yet to release on the theaters of Assam.

With his directorial debut Bhaskar Hazarika has produced an accomplished feature that tiptoes on the border of many genres, driving his characters to insanity. This is certainly not the first film of its kind to take folklore and turn it into horror, but it makes a strong bid where others have failed. ” a review by theupcoming.co.uk

Antareen – Quest of Sanctuary

Artha Films’ second venture ‘Antareen’ has been produced by Manabendra Adhikary and directed by Monjul Baruah. Based on a women-centric, dark psychological story by eminent litterateur Rita Choudhury. Antareen’s screenplay and dialogues are written by Rita Choudhury and Monjul Baruah. This film features Arun Nath, Urmila Mahanta, Boloram Das, Aparna Dutta Choudhury, Jolly Laskar, Mayukh, Dhruba Prasad Bora, Himangshu Prasad Das, Pranami Bora, Debobrat Borthakur among others.

Bokul – The Fragrance

Graduated from FTII (Film and Television Institute of India) Pune, Reema Borah is an aspiring new age director coming up with her first Assamese feature film Bokul. She has already made her mark in national and international domain through her short films and documentaries.

Talking about her upcoming film, she said, “Bokul has been a very personal journey for me. It started with my own search to find a way to express my thoughts and emotions. My generation has seen so many changes of various kinds — social, political, economical and technological — and there is an intense need to express myself. I thought if I don’t express it now, it would be too late for the same. There is also this burning desire to make a film on my own terms, without giving into third party interference.”

Bohnimaan- The Fire Sparkles

Writer and director of India’s first carbon neutral film “Aisa Yeh Jahaan”, Biswajeet Bora is coming with his next directorial venture “Bohnimaan”. Its a hard core Action drama produced by Barnali Hazarika. This film has Yashpal Sharma, Jatin Bora, Diganta Hazarika, Rimi Hazarika & Arun Hazarika in the main leads & Music has been rendered by Joi Barua. This Allan Amin Action Choreographed Drama will be hopefully released on 23rd Sept 2016.

Duronir Nirola Poja – Home, Faraway

Dooronir Nirola Poja is an independent Assamese feature film written and directed by Dhruva J Bordoloi. This is a story of Hiranya Barua, a Private Insurance employee, shifts with his family of four to a new town. Soon, with Son- Aditya excelling in studies, Daughter – Prerna winning accolades in dance and Wife –Manju deftly managing the household as always, he decides to settle down for good. His long cherished dream of giving his family a simple, honest and fulfilling life seems to be a reality.

Aditya- ambitious, practical and thus little sceptical about his father’s dream, knows that the life in this small town may not be that simple and future not that rosy. However, even he wasn’t prepared for his family’s worst nightmares that are going to come true…With myths,facts and facets from the serene land of Axom, Dooronir Nirola Poja, is a stoic reminder of the struggle within many small towns in India.

Haanduk – The Hidden Corner


A Forthcoming Assamese Feature Film Based on True Story. Haanduk is the story of Heramoni, mother of untraced extremist Mukti, who had performed his last rites receives intimation that his death cannot be confirmed by the outfit and knows not how to respond while Biplob, who had left the outfit and is alone, unable to be part of the mainstream surrendered rebels, has his own problems of existence.


Directed by Ratan Sil Sarma, Marksheet is an upcoming Assamese Film being filmed under the banner of Enajori Talkies in association with HDR Creations.

The story revolves around a sweet charming boy Babu, who is always happy in his own world of fantasies. Not too fond of studies, Babu, is always been yelled upon by his parents especially his dad due to his poor academic performances. One fine day, Babu elopes away from his house, after failing in his half yearly exam and scared of the consequences of showing his Marksheet to his dad. He then happens to meet another kid, a slum kid, near the railway station. The film then captures the innocence, friendship and ignorance of these two boys who dwells and explores around the city street for a night, mesmerized by each other’s company and changing their lives.

Nodi Mathu Boi


Written and directed by Jhulan Krishna Mahanta “Nodi Mathu Boi” is based on a true story of friendship. Its a film on a Documentary shooting and a cultural journey of a group. Some friends – a Writer, a Photo Journalist, an Indie Filmmaker, an Artist along with a group of Dancers and Musicians started a journey from the worlds smallest to the largest inhabited river island; from Umananda To Majuli in a ship. They all had their dream projects like a feature documentary,a travel story, a music video,some photography and painting exhibitions like that.

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This Article was last edited on March 25, 2016

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