Miss Teen Diva Mahika Sharma is Completely Natural, Spontaneous and Mad


She is natural, she is vulnerable , does not like most of people she meets, but she is what she is. Yes, she is Miss Teen Northeast! But this crazy girl is not just a big favorite of her fans, even our Entertainment Industry is mad for her. She have always attracted the people she meet and works with. With beauty all in her Sharma is also known for her brain. She is one among Beauty with brain diva.

Mahika is unlike other actress or models. Her way of appearance is as beautiful and simple as she is, not the classical or other way of pretending to be what she is not. She dont use those Latka, Jhatka, thumka but yes she can do all of it when she believes in it and wish to. And if she does not believe in it, don’t think she will do for you. She is completely natural, spontaneous and mad.

Mahika Sharma may not be a conventional good looker or a sexy baby but she has a natural beauty which can take her a long way. A little more glamor can do wonders for her career. She is someone who bucked tradition and forget her own path working for the society and the poors. She is sassy, spunky and  one who always speak her mind out. She threw caution to the wind, ignored the naysayers and just allowed her talent to flow around. Now and then, she continues to defy all the boundaries set for women in the industry.

Mahika really after being Miss Teen Northeast you have long way to go!

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