Assamese Film & Modern Songs by Sangita Kakati is a remarkable collection of Assamese Film Songs. Sangita Kakati is a very popular singer of Assam and she needs no introduction as a singer and musician. Assamese Film Songs gradually evolved over decades, and now for modern urban listeners Assamese Film Songs have become the most appreciated format. Now, Assamese Modern Songs has become the most cherished and modern format. The musical instruments mainly consist of percussion and wind instruments. According to Sangita Kakati, the song has become so popular that post- National Games wherever she has gone to perform the audience has always demanded of her to sing the song. The moment she starts humming the song, the audience too starts to sing it. Sangita Kakati admits that when she was singing this song she had not the slightest idea that this song would turn out to be so massively popular. As a matter of fact this song was originally a part of the album ‘Swagotom Rashtriyo Krira 2005’ which was brought out to create awareness and generate enthusiasm amongst the people of the state regarding the 33rd edition of the National Games that was supposed to be held in Guwahati in 2005. Dr. Sangita Kakati already received “Best Female Playback Singer” award in Assamese by EIMPA.

This compilation album is packed with such lovely yet mystical Best Assamese Film & Modern Songs of Dr. Sangita Kakati. All the tracks here sung by the popular singer Dr. Sangita Kakati and Many of the tracks are composed by herself. Assamese Folk Songs are the origin of this Assamese Film & Modern Songs. This compilation of Assamese Film & Modern Songs covers almost all the modern forms of Assamese Music. The compilation “Nandan Kanan” has many very popular Assamese Film Songs such as “Nandan Kanan” and “Meghor Dexor Dhuniya”. This collection overall is a worthy listen.



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