3 Worth Sharing Stories About Gamosa That Will Make You Proud as an Axomiya

The Gamosa is an article of great significance for the people of Assam and the very symbol of Assamese culture. In other words, the gamosa symbolizes the life and culture of Assam.

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So, here we going to tell you about three events on Gamosa that will definitely make you proud as an Axomiya. Some of you might aware of these.

Gamosa in Space

US astronaut and Jowai of Assam, Mike Fincke, had taken the gamosa to space during a space mission.

During his second Space mission in 2007, Mike Fincke carried one Assamese ‘Gamosa’ to Space with due permission from NASA. During his six months stay in Space aboard the International Space Station (ISS), he talked live with the students of four educational institutes of the East. He danced Bihu in zero gravity in the International Space Station (ISS).

Fincke had married Renita Saikia — a NASA engineer whose parents Rupesh and Probha Saikia hail from Assam.

Gamosa, 60 feet under the Bay of Bengal

Vikramjit Kakati, a research scholar at IIT Guwahati, has taken the Gamosa 60 feet under the Bay of Bengal to celebrate Bihu under water in 2014. Kakati, who is also a chartered engineer, celebrated Bohag Bihu off the coast of Havelock Island in the Andamans with his friends that year.

Gamosa in Guinness Book of Records

A gamosa of 1455.3 metres (approx 1.5 km) length, made by Dr Abhijit Baruah from Jorhat and 11 other weavers of Jorhat, entered the Guinness Book of Records in 2013. The programme was held near the India Gate, New Delhi.

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