Upcoming Assamese Film Tumi To Hit The Screens


Directed by Rajib Dutta under the banner of Axomiya freaks, Tumi is an upcoming Assamese romantic film which going to hit the screens across Assam very soon. This film has been produced by Bhavya Poonia and Jyoti Khakholia.

It is the story about unrequited love. Beginning from the school days Anubhav and Bhavna were together, enjoyed each other’s company and this lasted till their graduation. After graduation, Bhavna’s parents decided to send her Guwahati for further education but she refuses as she was not ready to leave Anubhav. After several discussions and arguments, Anubhav prepares her to go Guwahati.

Anubhav visits her timely and came with a satisfaction that she is happy with her life but her absence can be seen on everyone’s face and specially on Anubhav’s face. Prakash, Anubhav’s best friend recognizes the fact that his friend is in love and makes him believe it but Anubhav is not ready to accept it as he himself is not aware of the love he feels for Bhavna. After a while Anubhav realises his love and prepares himself for the confession of love to Bhavna but before he says anything to Bhavna, she surprises him about Upam. Upam is the guy she met a while ago and is deeply in love with him. Anubhav cannot stand this but for her happiness he holds his feelings as he sees Bhavna so excited about Upam. Crushed, broken apart and losing hope of life, He falls into dark world of drugs which ultimately broke his body .. .. And lands him into hospital. Coming to know about Anubhav’s story through a diary, she cannot held herself back and decides to meet him. All the feelings running through her mind while driving, she met an accident and opens her eyes finding that she is lying next to Anubhav in the hospital. They exchange their last words and the silence follows.

The Cast of Assamese Film Tumi

  • Bishnu Kharghariya
  • Padmaraag Goswami
  • Nirav Mon Sharma
  • Annanya Kashyap
  • Rupam Baruah
  • Mitali Barman
  • Himanshu
  • Sonit Kashyap
  • Vikash Mohan
  • Bhavya Poonia

Crew Details

Director – Rajib Dutta
Producer – Bhavya Poonia and Jyoti Khakholia
Scriptwriter – Palash Paban
Asst. Director – Palash Kakoty
DOP – Deepkamal Gogoi
Editor and VFX – Akhil Raj
Music Director – Sudipto Nayan
Publicity Designer – Nilutpal Phukan

Production House Details

Axomiya freaks is a production house founded in the month of November,2014. It started from a team of just 6 people, both freshly graduated and experienced ones in the industry. Today its a team of over 20 people to do different jobs involved in the process of film making. Starting from pre-production to post-production our management team, technical staff, creative artists and crew members are not only capable but efficient to carry on tasks.



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