Latest Assamese Hip-Hop/Rap Video “Saai Lo Ghy” by Akhu

Saai Lo Ghy is the latest Assanese rap by Akhu.  Its an Assamese Rap/Hip-Hop song which includes some bars and some freestyles typically based upon the lifestyle of a Guwahatian , Saxophone and Bass plays a distinctive role in the beat making.

Production – (Ghy-32 Records)
Vocal , Music & Lyrics – AKHU
Music Arrangement/Sequencing – Bikash Boruah
Directed by B-Score (Bhaskar Dutta)
Cinematography – Parag Jyoti Das
Editing – Manas Kashyap


  1. Oh yes song 2 mojja lagil moi ane english rap song ari baki hindi etc…aku jane nepaw but 2mr assamese manisu huniu val n amr Guwahatian…or value 2 gom pai nice…really good job…frm me thousands claps 2 u bro…


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