Audio Album ‘Minervar Manar Katha’ Released

    A lot of newcomers have entered into this musical world to fulfill their dreams of becoming an established singer, but few of them have been able to catch attention of the listeners with their soulful voice. Minerva Talukdar (Nitu), one such talented young singer, recently released her first solo album of modern Assamese songs titled ‘Minervar Manar Katha’. The album contains five songs of different flavors. The first one ‘Boga Kagojote’ is written and tuned by Achurjya Borpatra, music is done by Jon Jonak, the second one ‘Juriya Xaliki’ is written by Dipankar Talukdar, whereas tuned and musically composed by Manabjyoti Das, the third one ‘Bogakoi Bogoli’ is written and tuned by Ritu Bikash and music is done by Nintoo Pathak, the fourth one ‘Uxahotu Tumi Mor’ is written and tuned by Dipankar Talukdar and music is done by Manabjyoti Das and the last one titled ‘Koliya’ is written and tuned by Bastav Nath and music is done by Dibakar Dutta. All the songs are beautifully rendered by the singer. The songs are recorded at Studio EDC Cotton College, DG Music Studio and Dijwa Chitra Studio and mixed and mastered by Manabjyoti, Nintoo and Diganta. The album is produced under the banner of M2 Production.

    Minerva, who trained under Pradip Dohotiya, started singing at the very small age and made her debut in 2009 through the album ‘Mon Jonak’. Then she had rendered her voice in a Bodo Song and one Baganiya Song while studying Mass Comm. in Cotton College. Now she is planning on making a Jhumur album and another solo album titled ‘Jiban Ekhoni Nodi’. Manabjyoti Das, popularly known as an audiographer and music arranger, has completed a 17 year stint in the music industry since 1998. Manabjyoti, whose Hindi solo album titled ‘Tujhe Dekha’ was highly appreciated by the music lovers, has already lent his voice in more than 15 songs as well as in albums. He had also worked as a music arranger in Rajashree Theatre.

    The singer, Minerva is hoping that the Assamese music lovers will accept her album and will appreciate her in her musical journey.

    Kalyan Kumar Kalita
    Kalyan Kumar Kalita
    Cultural Reporter from Guwahati | One of the top contributors of Magical Assam
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