Dipanjali Dey’s Second Single ‘Radha’ is Out | Have a Look

A number of single Assamese videos have been released on the internet as well as on private entertainment channels but due to lack of viewership, only a few will be able to win the hearts of viewers. However, it is good sign that a lot of newcomers have shown interest in producing such videos and these singles hold a lot of potential which is why the trend of making singles is becoming popular.

Dipanjali Dey, a promising singer, has recently released her new single video, ‘Radha’ in both the audio and video format. This is her second venture after ‘Jiya Jiya’, which was highly appreciated by Assamese music lovers. Dipanjali Dey, although not a professional musician, dabbles in music to fulfill her dream of becoming a popular singer. The lyrics of the song, ‘Radha’, depicting the love and sentiments of a young girl, were written by the cine journalist, Kalyan Kumar Kalita. The song was composed by Hrituv Hazarika and musically arranged by Palash Gogoi. The entire song comes to life in its beautiful rendering by Dipanjali Dey.

The key role in the video has been played by Dipanjali, Supravat, Priyanshi, Pranjit along with child artist Purnima Das. The choreography was put together by Shubham Chakrovorty and Suraj Ray and the video was directed by Ajay Malakar. The song was cinematographed and edited by Umesh Ghosh. Makeup was done by Manashi Rahang. The album is presented by AD Shraddhanjali Production. The singer, Dipanjali, hopes that the Assamese music lovers will accept her second venture as enthusiastically as the first one and continue to encourage her in her musical journey. Apart from this, the singer also recently released a new Bihu song titled ‘Bordoisila Aahise’ and currently has plans for a new song.


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