If You Live Outside Assam You Can Relate to This Video Ghormua Pokhi

Nilotpal Bora’s latest music video Ghormua Pokhi is a masterpiece. Ghormua Pokhi which music has been composed by Nilotpal himself is a simple story of a boy who returns back to home.

Starring Udayan Duarah and Nilotpal Bora this video has been directed by Bitopan Kashyap. The other details are as below-

DOP – Prayash Sharma Tamuli

Musicians :
Acoustic Guitar : Sanjoy Das(Bappi)
Accordian : Mynah Marie(Canada)
Blues Harp and Percussions: Ambar Das
Acoustic Bass : Manas Chaudhari
Mixing and Mastering : Uddipan Sharma at Meet Brothers Studio (Mumbai)
Recorded by Uddipan Sharma(Meet Brothers) and Partha Pratim Das(Rudra Digital)


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  1. অতি সুন্দৰ গীত, ঘৰলৈ উভতাৰ হেঁপাহ আৰু আনন্দৰ ক্ষণবোৰে আকৌ এবাৰ চুই গল হিয়াৰ আমঠু #missing_home… Sarbajit dedicated to u from me bro…


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