Ram Gopal Varma Blasted on Twitter After Posting about Angoorlota Deka

Recently, Bollywood filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has been slammed for posting a photo of Angoorlata Deka, BJP’s Assam MLA with caption, “If MLA can look like this,Achche din aagaye hai..Thank you Angoorlataji,Thank you Modiji..1st time I love politics”.

Now Twitterati found RGV’s tweet offensive or unacceptable and lashed out at him for possessing a dirty mindset and thus the hashtag #SaySorryRGV started trending on Twitter.

Angoorlota Deka is one of the finest Assamese actresses of Assamese film and mobile theater industry who won the latest assembly elections from Batadroba on a BJP ticket.

This was the tweet by RGV

and then famous singer Queen Hazarika reacted

and then..

and this..

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