Meet Souvik Das : 20 Years Old DJ/EDM Artist from Tinsukia

Often labeled as the new “rock ‘n’ roll,” the EDM genre has emerged from the smoke-filled trendy clubs and warehouse raves into mainstream media everywhere.

Souvik Das, 20 year old from Tinsukia is one of the most promising EDM artists of the region. Currently based in Pune, Souvik is now representing India for HTM Records (USA).

“A guy who cooks music, digitally.” this is how Souvik describes himself.  In 2014, a remix of him got featured at BBC Radio 1. And in 2015, a remix was played on Sunburn Festival by Aceaxe, which made Souvik the first one from Assam to get a song featured at Asia’s biggest music festival.

Currently pursuing engineering in Pune, Souvik says, “I’m just trying my level best to take my land to whole new level in the music scene. And this year, I’m doing an official remix for an upcoming Bollywood movie too.”

Meanwhile, during his vacation in Assam he’s doing free music production workshops in Guwahati, Dibrugarh and Tinsukia.

“Im doing this because there are many people who can’t afford music schools for which they cannot follow their passion. Another reason is lack of good guidance about music production/recording here in Assam. I have faced this. Therefore I moved out last year. I’m doing this for these people to give them wings to fly high” he expressed.

You can listen to his latest tracks on soundcloud

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