This Assamese Rap Music Video is Going Viral on Internet. Here’s Why

Thee passionate rappers from Assam has created this unique composition and its going viral on internet now. The minds behind this video are Chinmoy Bora aka New Breed, Sunix Flo and Suraj Pradhan.

But, when you will get to know about the struggle, hard work and dedication behind the making of this video, you will defiantly appreciate them.

Chinmoy Bora, who is also known as New Breed was born and brought up in Tezpur and after completing 10+2 he moved to Guwahati to pursue higher education at Assam Down Town University. But, he was much more dedicated towards music and dance rather than attending classes and apparently he got dropped out from college. His family disowned him as he couldn’t complete his education and he struggled five years in Guwahati looking for opportunities.

“So I was staying at Guwahati as a dancer in various crew and last year I was the lead dancer of creation crew, creation crew is the first crew who participated in HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL INDIA representing Assam and hold 10th position”, Chinmoy said in an interview.

“Every day I survived depending on the winning and show money. Those are the hardest days I passed. Only one time food at night and whole day looking for opportunities. Finally I moved on and came back to Tezpur thinking of starting from the bottom again. I took some loans and ask some money from home and opened a dance school at Lokra.” he further added.

Here in Tezpur, he met Sunix Flo and Suraj Pradhan who helped him with this music video. The lyrics for the song was written by Chinmoy and then they ended up recording the song in their rented room. The music video was recorded by MAB FILMS, directed by Mohen Terron and edited by Bipul Rongthulu. A friend of theirs named Ricky Tori also helped them out by offering a camera and recording the video for free.

With inputs form Voice of Greater Assam


  1. Hats off bro proud to be your friend.. Ive known you as a dancer but you are good in rapping too… Keep it up hope to see you soon and sing together

  2. WOW – Nice video!! Simply well done guys.
    Hope you’ve arrived on the global scene of hip hop.,
    wish you guys bring Assamese hip hop at the par to the likes of Gangnam style.
    Best Wishes

  3. Yeeeah im realy feeling proud after watching this video As an asames.. And I want to meet you soon Mr Chinmoi … . 8638183858 it’s my contek no… If you can manage your tym from ur busy lyfe plz give me a missed call… For a short conversation. ..
    And I wish you will make some more Fckin noices fo us…..


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