Dooronir Nirola Poja (Home, faraway) – Theatrical Trailer

The Official Trailer of Dooronir Nirola Poja (Home, faraway) – an Assamese Feature Film, written & directed by Dhruva J Bordoloi and produced by Pixelray Films.
The film depicts the story of a middle class family, who returns to their ancestral town to settle down for good. But perhaps, fate had some other plans for them.
It was publicly screened at Brahmaputra Valley Film Fest, Guwahati and is soon to be released online on

Synopsis : Hiranya Barua, a Private Insurance employee, shifts with his family of four to a new town. Soon, with Son- Aditya excelling in studies, Daughter – Prerna winning accolades in dance and
Wife – Manju deftly managing the household as always,
he decides to settle down for good. His long cherished dream of giving his family a simple, honest and fulfilling life seems to be a reality.

Aditya – ambitious, practical and thus little sceptical about his father’s dream, knows that the life in this small town may not be that simple and future not that rosy.

However, even he wasn’t prepared for his family’s worst nightmares that are going to come true…!!!

With myths, facts and facets from the serene land of Assam, Dooronir Nirola Poja, is a stoic reminder of the struggle within many small towns in India.

Cast : Mintu Baruah Jayshree Goswami Bibhuti Bhushan Hazarika Partha Hazarika Raghavi Dutta Sonia Sarma Arup Jyoti Rabha

Writer-Editor-Director : Dhruva J Bordoloi
Producers : Dhruva J Bordoloi & Hemanta Kumar Bordoloi
Cinematography : Suruj Deka
OST : Tony Deori Basumatary & Utkarsh Dhotekar
Lyrics : Rajdweep
Playback Singer : Papon
On-Location Sound & DIT : Sailesh Kumar Dubey
Sound Design : Ranjan Pattnayak
Associate Director : Anupam Baishya
Creative Director: Sowrik Datta
Costume : Rumi Bhuyan
2nd Unit Cameraman : Bhoda Kherketary
Assistant Directors : Priyanku Baruah & Jyoti Bhargav Baishya
Production Manager : Arup Jyoti Sarma
Executive Producer : Narayan Seal, Sowrik Datta


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