6 Ways You Can Help The Assam Flood Victims And Make A Difference


The flood situation in Assam continued to remain grim with the number of affected people rising to over 1,8000,000 till date. The Brahmaputra River and its tributaries have burst their banks, flooding roads, highways and villages in more than half of the region’s 32 districts. Floods have damaged roads and cut off communication in several districts. As many as 31 people have reportedly died till today and scores of animals have either been killed, washed away or are endangered.

The situation will remain critical in the coming days, as heavy monsoon rains have been forecasted for the next couple of days in Assam.

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So, Here’re 6 ways to help the Assam flood victims.

1. Kalaguru Artiste Foundation – Supported by Zubeen Garg

Kalaguru Artiste Foundation is all set for a massive flood relief campaign for the flood affected people of Assam. More then 20 lakh people are starving. Let’s join hands for them. Let all th humanist from every part of the globe come together to save them. We urge you to donate anything that you want to donate according to your capacity. Your one small step can make someone smile! Joi Aai Asom!

ICICI BANK, Ganeshguri Guwahati Branch
A/C NO- 215101000145
Phone no- +919957875537

2. Flood Relief Campaign by Rapid Response

Rapid Response is an award winning organisation, providing disaster relief and rehabilitation services across India. As a disaster relief agency, they help people to survive and rebuild their lives through our food, medical, education, shelter and livelihood programs.

Donate here

3. Some other Crowdfunding Campaigns you Can Contribute to

Relief for Flood victims in Assam on Ketto by Dipankar Kalita
They have already collected around 40k from 48 backers. You can get the details from the Donate Link: https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/Assamflood2016

Donate to Our Campaign – Magical Assam and The Assam News
Link: http://imojo.in/7ucxws

Assam Flood Relief Campaign by Voice of Greater Assam (VOGA) & NE8 Startups Community
Link: http://imojo.in/SaveAssam

OXFAM’s Flood Relief Campaign – Details https://www.oxfamindia.org/Assam-Floods-2016

Here are some tips to help the victims without spending any money

4. Volunteer Your Time

Many groups have begun collecting a number of supplies such as food, water and medical equipment. However, a lot of them are now struggling to deliver these supplies in a timely manner to those who need it. If you’re in the area, you can donate your time and help with the distributions.

5. Donate Food and Medical Supplies and Other Items

While you might not be able to donate cash, there is always a need for food, water and medical supplies.

6. Donate a Room

One of the most serious problems at the moment appears to be with those who have been forced out of their homes. If you live in the region and have some spare room in your house, you can donate a room.


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