Audio CD ‘Toi Kun Birikhor Pakhi’ Releases


Recently, a new audio CD containing six of Bonkonwar Anandiram Das’s evergreen bongeets was released to a warm reception in the market. Produced by Sanchita Saikia under the banner of C.D.S. Creation, the main intention behind the making of this album, entitled ‘Toi Kun Birikhor Pakhi’, is to familiarise, promote and propagate our precious Assamese traditional songs and tunes among the twenty-first century young generation. The bongeets by Anandiram Das have been a great source of influence among singers, musicians, enthusiasts in the state and even outside. The music in this album has the intrinsic feel of the indigenous traditional music of Assam. All the songs are tuned by noted singer Munindra Kumar Saikia, who renders four songs – ‘O Maramare Harina Puwali’, O Moina Ture Uraniya Sit’, ‘Kinu Bhab Gun’ and ‘Toi Kun Birikhor Pakhi’, while the other two songs – ‘Jubilee Botahor Aage Oi Faguni’ and ‘Keteki Binale’ are rendered by Dr Anamika Deka (Saikia). The singers make their presences felt with some sincere and heartfelt renditions. An album that truly holds preservation values, the music in ‘Toi Kun Birikhor Pakhi’ is expertly arranged by noted musician Anup Kumar Sarma. Everyone associated with this album has made an effort to reach out to the public, especially the young generation.


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