Assamese Actress Urmila Mahanta Talks about her film Akira, Sonakshi Sinha and More


AR Murudoss’s much anticipated action-thriller Akira has released today. And along with Sonakshi Sinha, our Sonapur girl Urmila Mahanta will also be seen kicking ass in the movie. An alumnus of the Film and Television Institute, Pune, she has worked in Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Tamil and Malayalam films. In an exclusive interview with Eclectic NorthEast, Urmila speaks about her experience of working in Akira and her upcoming projects.

Please tell us about your experience of working in Akira.

A: It was a fantastic experience to work in this movie. I have a small but pivotal role in this movie. This is an action thriller which will keep you hooked. Murugadoss Sir is a very professional filmmaker who knows how to bring the best out of people. As he hails from Tamil Nadu, he was aware about my work in the Tamil film Vazhakku Enn 18/9. Seeing my work in that movie, he offered me this role in Akira.

How was the experience of working with Sonakshi Sinha?

A: Sonakshi is very easy to work with. She has a friendly and easy going nature. In fact, all the big stars I have met in Mumbai like Deepika, Ranbir, Priyanka are very humble.

Do you think Akira will start a trend of action films with female protagonists?

A: I will be very happy if it does. We all like to watch such films, don’t we? Earlier, also Vidya Balan’s Kahaani was so successful. Akira is actually the remake of a Tamil film called Mouna Guru. Interesting, Mouna Guru had a male protagonist. But in Akira, Murugadoss Sir has made the protagonist female. Even my character in Mouna Guru was male. So, considering these factors, Akira is a really unique film.

Given a chance, would you like to play a role like Akira in Assamese movies?

A: I would love to! I have in fact, done some action sequences in Akira also. I want to explore all genres and an out and out action film is definitely on my wishlist.

What are your upcoming projects?

A: I have done a Hindi film called Pareshaanpur where I am playing the lead along with Ameet Dawar. This film has well known actors like Shakti Kapoor and Asrani ji. It is a film set in the rural milieu. There is another Hindi film called Chakallashpur. I am also doing a Malayalam film called Udal. In Assamese, my upcoming releases areKothanodi and Antareen. I have recently also done a Hindi film Purab ki Awaj where I played the role of freedom fighter Kanaklata Barua.

What is your opinion on the present condition of Assamese movies?

A: I think we are making good movies. However, we need more halls to showcase our cinema. Also, it is important to market our movies. Earlier, people used to just release their movies without any promotion. Thankfully, that is changing. We will be doing widespread promotions for Kothanodi and I am coming to Assam very soon to participate in the promotional activities.

As told to Nabarun Guha




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