Awesome Assam Logo – The Fact is People are Really Disappointed


Assam tourism minister Himanta Biswa Sarma unveiled a new logo of Assam Tourism on last Sunday with the tagline “Awesome Assam”, aimed at promoting the state at a globally.

He said that the brand “Awesome Assam” will be promoted to reach out to maximum tourists across the globe and added that the uniqueness and cultural diversity of the state will be promoted like never before. He also added that the government has planned a single window clearance for film shooting in Assam.

But, The story doesn’t end here.. The new Logo is now on controversy. It failed to impress the viewers with its concept.

This is the Logo


This logo has been created by a Delhi based agency Square Brand Communication. The logo that depicts the one-horned rhino, world-famous Assam tea and the mighty Brahmaputra on one canvas comes with the ‘Awesome Assam’ punchline. But, it failed to impress the viewers with its concept.

But how much effort they put while constructing the logo

Simply type “Tourism Logo Vector” in Google and you’ll find the result!


The Reactions

The Tagline should a catchy the other NE states

..and this is the theme song (!?) No comments on this.. decide yourself.

Look at this video..its a two horned rhino!!


  1. Most disgusting part is the theme song. What is going on there ? I mean where are those creative people??Tourism department is the heart of a state and such negligence can not be tolerated.

  2. Assam is culturally rich and vibrant. But neither the logo nor the whole campaign is actually able to create magic. This whole thing is hardly able to catch any attention in the national level and they are dreaming to go international.


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