Gitali Pathak Deka: The Story of the Mrs India Finalist

    A beautiful person must have a strong and appealing spirit. It shows her purpose and passion that helps her know what she has to live for. This is beauty combined together with her strength, her conscience and her self-confidence. For instance, a woman’s spirit and passion are what make her stands out inspire you in following your dreams, passions, ambitions, always available to you when you are in distress or facing a crisis in your profession and one who is honest, humble and sincere in her outlook towards life. And there is not anyone in this world who is more talented and deserving a person as the elegant, radiant, charming and ravishing model the stunning Gitali Pathak Deka. and become a role model to generations.

    A beautiful lady always works hard to She believes to be successful in this field, you need to become a problem solver with good observation skills and a desire to create things. You never stop learning in this field. You face new challenges with every new project, many of which require innovative solutions that you must discover on your own. She didn’t get any inspiration from anyone actually it was her interest from teenage that has compelled her to step into this fashion world. As far as her dressing sense goes she likes to keep herself polished and groomed. She loves wearing fashionable and trendy dresses that gives a sassy vibe and is also elegant at the same time. During her college days, she was only a career concerned girl so she couldn’t think of stepping into the modelling world as her mother was also a very reserved lady. Now since she is married and her kids are grown up and she has a family life which is tension free because her husband Dr. Mukut Deka is very supportive and always has been a strong pillar behind her success in this journey. And it was because of this that she got the courage and confidence to give wings to her dreams and now she is pursuing her modelling career with renewed zeal and vigour. She has walked on the ramp as a model in her illustrious career in several shows.

    Some of these shows are:

    1. Traditional fashion show held at ONGC Nazira, 2015.
    2. Fashion show Saras Fashion Fiesta by the most famous fashion designer Prasantt Ghosh at Ghy, Feb 2016.
    3. Designer Santashree Mallik fashion show at Hotel Landmark Ghy, March 2016.
    4. Popular designer Pranjal Pratim traditional fashion show at Jorhat, 2016.

    Then she has also participated in many contests in her modelling career. Some of these contests are:

    1. 6th Darpan, Mrs. India, Northeast beauty contest at Ghy, 10th Jan 2016 where organizer was Papori Dutta (Sub-title winner, Mrs. Discipline)
    2. Tejeswini beauty contest org. Prasantt Ghosh, Feb 2016 (Sub-title winner, Mrs. Photogenic).
    3. Mrs. Elegant beauty contest org. Pranjal Pratim 9th July 2016 (Sub-title winner, Most Beautiful Smile).
    4. Mrs. India homemakers finalist org. Naaz Joshi 2017. She has also been felicitated in several shows and award functions.

    In this fruitful journey of hers she would like to take the name of her schoolmate Bharati Gogoi because she was her only friend who was with her in all the shows and contest which she has done so far.  As the finalist of Mrs. India she needs the support, good wishes and blessings of all her well-wishers so that she can bring glory to her state and to her place Nazira. As fashion and modelling is her passion so in the future she has plans to open a fashion institute for those whose dream is to succeed in this glamour world.

    Moreover she would like to be a role model and a source of inspiration to those ladies in the society who thinks that life after marriage comes to a standstill but actually the real fact is life goes on as is desired by us only we need to have a bit of confidence and will power.

    Article Courtesy- Bhukhan Pathak

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