Katrina Kaif is busy wrapping up her film ‘Jagga Jasoos’ these days. Although, the film has been in the making for three years now, it kept on getting delayed for one or the other reason. Now, the shooting is in its last stage.

Katrina was recently snapped on the sets of the film posing with a group of Assamese girls, all dressed Mekhela Chadar. They were shooting for a bihu dance for the film. The actress looks beautiful in the simple, traditional avatar.. but this time the girl in mekhela chadar looks slightly better.. i guess.

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Jagga Jasoos is an upcoming Indian comedy-drama film directed by Anurag Basu, and produced by Basu and Ranbir Kapoor. The film features Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Adah Sharma in lead roles, and tells the story of a teenage detective in search of his missing father. The film is scheduled for release on 7 April 2017.

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Update: December 20, 2016



    • Magical Assamor status tu saok . Katrina kaif will perform bihu dance buli ase . so bihu performot muga saj jur lage . Hindi film jetiya directors bikini pindhai dile nohobo nohoi.

  1. Assam and her culture is of very high standard….now why the hell that katrina is coming to ruin it…seriously seitoe baki roi goisl…tair dore faltu stupid actress ejni ahi bihu and the culture beya kori jabo…she is too below standard In fact she doesn’t have any standard only to perform such a complex and sophisticated piece of dance….she is perfect for like dance and item dance and blah….

  2. Assam and her culture is of very high standard….now why the hell that katrina is coming to ruin it…seriously seitoe baki roi goisl…tair dore faltu stupid actress ejni ahi bihu and the culture beya kori jabo…she is too below standard In fact she doesn’t have any standard only to perform such a complex and sophisticated piece of dance….she is perfect for pole dance and item dance and blah….

    • faltu stupid actress ,, seriously,, apuni kun khn flm’t ulaisil baru,?? 😛 ,, taik hate kora buli direct kua na, ,, assam’r culture etc etc esob majot kio anisa,, -_-

    • kunkhon Bollywood filmt amar culture r bixoye dekhuaise ajiloike..mainlandr xorobhag manuhe ekue najane amar bixoye.Mainstream film ekhonot je prothom baror babe bihu include kora hoise,xeyya eti xukhobr.Najanai lahe lahe neglected assamr kotha olop holeo janibo dhoribo.Baki kotha hoise secondary

    • Mr deb raj deori …I don’t know you…you don’t know me..then…who the hell are you to ask me moi kot ulaisu and uluwa naii…you love her fine…you don’t need to impose that…Yeah I hate her…In fact I hate all the people staying in this country june nijor mother tongue kobo nwara karone gourab anubhav kore..she proudly said that she doesn’t know hindi…what bullshit was that..hindi najane jodi Bollywood ot kar thopra dekhabo ahise…and hello…seriously please don’t ask stupid questions like am I an actress or not…No m not…when you yourself become a hero then come and ask to me such type of things …

    • arunabh ..Yeah you are right..ofc Assam or kotha India e najane….do you know why…coz they don’t wanna know what’s in the north east of the country…and Bollywood ot surely Assam or culture dekhuabo lage and m happy for it…but kotha to hol j eman highly sophisticated and classic culture represent koribo gole deserving cast ok dbo lage…30 t koio besi Bollywood film kori acting nojona hindi kobo nwara ejni third class actress e dekhwale it would be such a slap to all the Assamese people…jar talent and all ase june ei culture tur importance buji pai tnkwa actors or actress ok dile…people will come to know the actual Assam and how beautiful she is..I said that it’s very good that Assam is being represented in some parts of the movie but its proper reflection will occur only when the deserving people are given to reflect it

    • I am an Assamese and I am proud of that…Yeah I may not have done anything to make Assam proud of me…but I feel happy and blessed and grateful to have such a beautiful mother as Assam….moreover Assam ot thaki Assamese najanake thoka naii…and that will be the worst day of my life the day I confess I have no idea on Assamese culture

    • What’s all the mess about.Good enough that bihu is being represented in a bollywood.People have problem if Assam is not represented and even if it is represented.Everyone should learn to be appreciative.Its not good to comment on one’s character without knowing them personally.Anyways katrinas mother tongue is not Hindi.People crying for women rights should not pass derogatory remarks against other woman.Proud to be an Indian.

    • negativity ki dukan ho tum!! _/_ suali hoi ajoni sualir ktha aneke koise,, :/ first beleg’k respect koribo heka,, thn assam’r ktha koba,, ty lagile beya acting korok but,,,3rd cls !?? -_-

    • anis uz zaman hahaha dude…your comment has no connection with the actual msg…please don’t comment without understanding anything….you are a feminist all need it to others…if you have any problem with the page just unlike it or stop following it…you don’t have the right to command or order anyone….

    • mr deb raj deori….respect koribor karne manuh layak o hbo lage…and c isn’t…ok I get it u love now please stop passing remarks on my comments…replying each and every time isn’t possible for me..moreover since you are stangers so I seriously can’t keep arguing over some stupid shit

    • Atreyee sharma you are sick..u are among those girls who dont accept their fault and like answering to every questions without any meaning.If you think my comment has no meaning get education girl.What I meant to say is that u think you know everything; get ur facts right.You keep on asking everyone to stop commanding u.Who the hell are you to tell me whether to like the page or unlike it? I likd the page because I think assam is magical.Unless u own the page dont u dare talk like that

    • And unlike u I understand every word of it.Everyone including u is a feminist if not shame on u.U dont understand anything. “Katrina is not layak” u keep on repeating.U have no right to comment like that.If u think u have it then be ready to face people commenting on u.

  3. chadar buli kyo likhe buji napau..oxomiya t sador he hoi..ami bure banglore ba kolikota buli kole hahe manuh e, kintu bahira manuhe gauhati buli kole keijon oxomiya e xudhorai diye guwahati buli?

  4. oh plz dng this will nt give bihu dnce limelight…including bihu in a bollywood movie is equal to ruining its beauty n grace..imagine doing a dnce in bollywood style in an assamese movie…u gt the idea

  5. Till now we have those types of people who will be proudfull if Suny Leone also tell,my next porn will be in assamese……..

  6. Khokoloue aitu kotha baad diak je kune acting korise…obviousely 2jan famous actor n actress e acting korise…n ankua akhan bollywood film Jagga Jasoos t assam r main culture bihu dekhabo…so ami heituk loi proud feel koribo lge…mur tu bhut vl lgise lgile junei acting nokorok…assam r culture tu dekha pabo gutei Indiai..n aji kli assam r bastu dekhbo loise lahe lahe…n assam r bahut actor eu bollywood t chance paise…so we all should be happy for that..

  7. It’s a fantastic news…for our Assam’s people…now I’m filling prod b’coZ I’m a people of ASSAM… JAY HO ASSAM..!!

  8. Comment:Bihu buli kiba ata ulabo khujise ulaboloi diyok.. Aajiloike eku nulalei dekhun.. Ekpal ba Daman or dore moviet chance thakiu eku nohol.. Homalusona bur bad d kiba ata hobopoi diyok


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