Directed by Arindam Barooah, Bodh is an emotional short film revolving a son’s utmost appreciation and realization towards his father’s essence. It weaves a deeply emotional revelation by a son about a father’s love, care, compassion, bitterness, silences and sacrifices. He recalls each and every bit of associations with his father outflowing loads of emotions and strength of feeling. Traits of value, love and reverence are explored through the revelations of the son for his father and his beholden to his father’s sacrifices which will allows his son to develop into a man in the richest sense of that term. The short film thereby pays a tribute to the fathers who have been pillar strength to their children and family, no matter what their lives hold, they’re always a cushion to manage every fall for those around them.

Cast & Crew List

Direction & Screenplay: Arindam Barooah
Dialogues: Rita Bhuyan Barooah
Director of Photography: Gitertha Goswami & Bhaskar Jyoti Dutta
Editing: Diganta Gogoi
Background Sound: Anupam Baruah
Assistant Director: Porosh Dutta
Sketch Artist: Debajit Gogoi & Kakoli Rajkhuwa
Cast: Anurag Biswasi

Awards & Honours

  • Award Winner at Accolade Global Film Competition 2016, USA
  • Award Winner at Best Shorts Competition, USA
  • Honorable Mention Award at International Independent Film Award, USA
  • Official Selection at International Film Competition (IFCOM) Festival 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Official Selection at 4th Indian Cine Film Festival-16, Mumbai, India
  • Official Selection at The IndieFEST Film Awards, USA
  • Official Selection at GRAND OFF – WORLD INDEPENDENT FILM AWARDS 2016, Warsaw, Poland
  • Official Selection at Second Asia International (Wenzhou) Youth Short-Film Exhibition, Beijing, China
  • Official Selection at 5th Delhi International Film Festival 2016, Delhi, India
  • Official Selection at Filmingo Short Film Festival of 2016, Mumbai, India.
  • Official Selection at 5th Delhi Shorts International Film Festival-2016, Delhi, India


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