Dwaar (Assamese: দুৱাৰ, The Voyage out) is a 2013 Assamese drama film directed by Bidyut Chakravarty, with his own screenplay, and produced by Sanjive Narain and Bidyut Chakravarty himself. It was adapted from the Assamese short story Bahiroloi Jowa Baat by Apurba Sarma. Dwaar stars Kapil Bora, Mahika Sharma and Zerifa Wahid in the lead roles. The literal translation of the title means Door.

The film won the Best Director, Best Music and Best Audiography award in the Assam State Film Awards for the period 2010-2012.

Winner of Filmfare Awards East in 3 categories
1. Best Film
2. Best Actor Male
3. Best Actor Female

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