Assam Boy Created The World Record of Youngest Romance Fiction Novelists


Rishiraj Sen alias Sutputra Radheye, Born on January 28, 2000 of Assam has created the World record of “Youngest Romance Fiction Novelists” by writing a Romance Fiction Novel “A dream come true” at the age of 15. The Book “A dream come true was published in 2015”

Rishiraj who is currently studying at Cotton College, Guwahati wrote the romantic novel when he was just 15. His another book “Shahrukh Inspires Me” is also available at Amazon now.

Sutputra Radheye

The storyline of his book is .. Neha, a young girl comes home with a foul mood. Her mother, Anya, questions her about it. She wants her to get married to the love of her life. But Neha doesn’t want to. When Anya asks her about her reason for not agreeing, Neha lashes out on her. They have an argument and Neha talks really bad stuff to her mother. Anya refuges to her balcony. She is astonished with Neha’s talks. Few moments later, Neha comes to Anya and asks for forgiveness. Anya hugs her daughter and asks her if she would like to hear her story.

Anya starts with her story which leaves Neha teary-eyed. Something inside her changes and she makes up her mind and takes a decision. What story did Anya tell Neha? What decision did Neha take?

You can buy this book from Amazon


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