This Jorhat Girl Gives a Shocking Confession – An Eye Opener for All of Us


Street harassment is an under-researched topic (though that is changing!), but each existing study shows that street harassment is a significant and prevalent problem.

Recently a college girl from Jorhat who lives near DCB road reveals how she has been harassed by a group of bikers which affects her daily life in such a manner that she has to stop all her works by 4pm and return to her room. She also revels that she is not the only one who has been facing this problem.

Here’s her Facebook update

jorhat girlHer Facebook update has gone viral within an hour. One of the top officials form News 18 Assam has also shared her news last night. Hope her story gets attention to the concerned department.

Street harassment is really a big problem in India. It limits people’s access to public spaces and lowers their comfort level there. It can cause people to “choose” less convenient routes and alter their routines; give up hobbies and change habits; and even quit jobs or move neighborhoods or simply stay home because they can’t face the thought of one more day of harassment.

And this is serious!

Thank you Shubh Laxmi for sharing your story.

via Tanmay Talukdar


  1. I think this type of incidents have been happening in many towns of Assam. Girls who are harassed like that should not remain silent or hesitate to speak out. The Police as well as the Public should take measures to stop such incidents.

  2. always bring somekind of self defense weapon,like blade ,knives,pin, anythng u hve, nd fight against them..dont afraid , dont think, just attack them….

  3. Pepper spray is the best solution of defence tool for girls .. it cost around Rs.300/- and make its possession for self defence for girls legal. If spray to the culprit .. he will be in unconsious state for 2 hours. one can order it online through Flipcart or


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