Guwahati-Based Band Rain in Sahara Recently Came Out With a Thought-Provoking Video ‘Black Water’

Guwahati-based band Rain in Sahara recently came out with a thought-provoking video ‘Black Water’ that became the talk of the town for using music to put the spotlight on a serious issue plaguing the society.

While talking to vibesnortheast about their latest music video ‘Black Water’ they said, “this was our debut music video and we had a blast making it, as we did the whole thing ourselves within our crew. We’re super lucky to have the amazingly talented Ankan Sunuwar [A.Void] rolling with us. Ankan and Lain directed, edited, shot and produced the video together. Since this was our first music video together and Lain’s first time working on a music video, it took us a bit of time to figure out the process to be able to properly execute the vision and messages we wanted to visually bring out from the music.

The inspiration for this track came from a polluted river in Guwahati. People call this river a drain and it breaks our hearts to see youngsters throwing trash in it and seeing the ecosystem getting destroyed. We took this as a starting point to look at issues surrounding water pollution to how that affects the food we grow and eat to the harmful effects air pollution can have on our bodies. Air pollution is a huge problem in our city especially for the youth who are suffering from asthma and we tried to bring forth these messages lyrically in the music and visually in the video.

We also tried to explore the deeper reasons behind these problems such as corruption, greed and structural problems in our economic system. While location scouting and shooting the video, we experienced the elements of the song we are trying to highlight on a personal level. For example, standing on a mountain of garbage in the landfill at Boragaon while a portion of it burns adding to air pollution is an experience etched into all our minds.”

The Band Members (L to R) Rocky Glock, Lain Heringman and Saurab Sikdar.

You can watch this video directly on YouTube

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