Everything You Should Know About The “Heri” Controversy

Yes, You got it right.. the “Heri” controversy.

By the time you read this blog post, your facebook newsfeed will have at-least one update about this “heri”.

If not then let me tell you… Its an (Bihu Xuria) Assamese song.


Why so much bedlam?

Because the lyrics has crossed the limit.. it goes like this..

Boy: Heri heri joya oi ture heri khon dekha nai
Heri heri heri joya oi heri khon saboloi mone jai..

Girl: Heri heri heri kokaiti oi ture heri tu dekha nai
Heri heri heri kokaiti oi..heri tu saboloi mone jai..

By the way.. YouTube has removed this song recently.

From last couple of months we are encountering with double meaning song every other day, which shows the lack of aesthetic vision of the makers. But this Heri Heri song busted everyone’s hidden anger.
See some comments here (we grabbed just before YouTube remove this video)


This is How it Has Started

This song was uploaded on YouTube on January 12 this year and recently when the makers were looking for a female bihu dancer for the video, they got noticed… but in wrong place

It follows by

Then someone lodged a FIR

The Producer of Anuradha (2014)

This is What The Singer Has to Say


But, The reality is something else

We found some screenshots via Hemanta Sarma and Lipika Chutia. All he wanted some “bitorko”

heri heri song1 heri heri song1













A further discussion will held on February 23

Over to you..

What do you think about this incident? If you have something to say use the comment box below… otherwise just ignore this.

By the way the indian buoy.. are you listening?

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