Local Kung Fu 2 Needs Your Help

    After the grand success of Local Kung Fu, which has become a bit of a pop culture phenomenon in the North East, we decided to take the legacy forward and create a sequel – Local Kung Fu 2

    LKF 2 is an action comedy feature film – an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors, which was previously adapted by Gulzar in Angoor. The story is about two pairs of identical twins who were separated as babies. In our version – one set of twins knows martial arts and the other doesn’t. The film revolves around all the drama, confusion, comedy and action that happens when these twins are chased by gangsters. It’ll be a proper entertainment package for everyone to watch and enjoy.

    Local Kung Fu 2 Trailer

    The team behind Local Kung Fu is back, and this time they’ve stepped it up both in terms of budget and action, but they are still very small by any reasonable standards, so they are looking for some help to get the film finished. Local Kung Fu 2 is a more ambitious film, both in terms of the production and in terms of concept with director Kenny Basumatary returning to the chair for an action comedy inspired by Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors.

    The team is looking for a total of 8 lakh rupees to complete color grading and sound design on the film. It’s a relatively small amount, but we thought that our ScreenAnarchy readers by be interested in getting behind this project from a corner of the world that doesn’t get a whole lot of notoriety in the film world. Below is part of the pitch from the crowdfunding site Wishberry and a couple of video to help you decide if you want to be a part of this project. The team is offering several perks at low cost, and some of them are even deliverable around the world.

    Local Kung Fu 2 - The Team
    Local Kung Fu 2 – The Team


    Why crowdfunding?

    Finding money is the biggest hurdle while making a film. Having only one or two financiers can come with compromises and strings attached. Crowdsourced funds will make the film with complete freedom keeping the audience in mind and nothing else. Assamese film box-office returns are a little unorganized and they don’t want to take a huge amount from a financier with no guarantee of being able to return it. That’s why crowdfunding.

    How will the money be used?
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