Watch This Mesmerizing Song on Majuli From Nilotpal Bora

Nilotpal Bora has released his second Album “Pancham” on March 19. And he released a song “Majuli” on YouTube also. Watch this beautiful song ever made on Majuli.. you will be mesmerized for sure.

Majuli, the beautiful river island in mighty Brahmaputra, is a prominent cultural hub of folk and vaishnavite culture of Assam. Majuli is the home to many of the Vaishnava Monasteries called ‘Satras’ which perform and conserve vaishnavite songs, dance, drama and other art forms developed and popularised by Sankardeva and Madhavdeva in the 15th Century. Also, the rich tribal cultures (Misings are the prominent of them) with all their hues add a different dimension to the heritage of Majuli.

Majuli has been fighting with several odds including severe flood and erosion, year after year to safeguard its existence. This song is a humble attempt to stand with the people of Majuli who have never let the hope go down and to say that ‘the bright rising sun will reach us soon’.



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