Priyanka Chopra to Produce An Assamese Film Soon

    Actress Priyanka Chopra who is also the brand ambassador of Assam Tourism “Awesome Assam” going to produce an Assamese film in next year.

    The actress and her mother, Madhu Chopra, are working on three other films now, including one which pays tribute to the creator of the ‘Common Man’ and the late Goan cartoonist.

    Despite their packed slate, the mother-daughter duo, who has already produced films in Bhojpuri (Bum Bum Bol Raha Hai Kaashi), Punjabi (Sarvann) and Marathi (Ventilator), hope to finalize their Assamese film over the next six months. “It’s still in its nascent stage but talks have begun. We’ll be producing a film in Assam by next year,” Madhu asserts.

    priyanka chopra-madhu chopra
    Priyanka Chopra with her mother Madhu Chopra

    To celebrate women and children in cinema, Priyanka Chopra is rolling with three special projects this year. And since, the 34-year-old actress-singer-producer is busy in New York, shooting for the second season of her American TV series, Quantico, her mother Madhu Chopra will fly off to Sikkim on March 8 — Women’s Day, where their first production for 2017 is currently being shot.

    Madhu Chopra admits that mainstream producers are afraid of venturing into regional cinema because that’s not where the big bucks are. But she is proud that her actress-daughter has decided to throw caution to the wind.

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    “Priyanka has chosen to work with the best in the region and make her regional films commercially viable with a good production plan. She is passionate about these projects and will never lend her name to something just for the sake of it. There was no commercial cinema is Sikkim before this. Priyanka’s attempt is to give local talent a chance to make movies and enjoy them,” she exults.

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