Dhola-Sadiya Bridge – 7 Facts About India’s Next Architectural Marvel

Bringing Assam and Arunachal Pradesh closer, the country’s longest river bridge – the Dhola-Sadiya bridge constructed over the mighty Brahmaputra, is all set now!

Sadiya is one of the most disadvantaged places in Assam, a subdivision of Tinsukia bounded by rivers on three sides: Lohit, Brahmaputra and Dibang. On May 26, it will present the neighbourhood with a landmark in connectivity. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the country’s longest bridge, connecting Dhola on the Brahmaputra’s south bank to Sadiya on the north.

If you are still unaware of this latest addition to the list of Indian marvels, here are some enlightening facts about the Dhola-Sadiya Bridge that you must know:

1. The Longest Bridge of India

The Dhola-Sadiya Bridge will span on incredible 9.15 kilometers declaring itself the longest bridge in India. At present, the largest bridge in India is the Bandra-Worli Sea Link in Mumbai measuring around 3.55 kilometers in the span. The Dhola-Sadiya Bridge will surpass it by some good 6 kilometers. The actual span of the bridge is still to be measured accurately. Thus the Dhola-Sadiya bridge is the longest bridge above water in India.

2. The Bridge Connects two States

The Bridge is located in Sadia, 540 km away from the state Capital- Guwahati. It will connect Sadia to Dhola, which is around 300 kilometers from the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar. The Dhola- Sadiya bridge will ensure 24X7 connectivity between upper Assam and the eastern part of Arunachal Pradesh. It will also reduce the distance from Rupai on NH-37 in Assam to Meka/Roing on NH-52 in Arunachal Pradesh by 165km, cutting down on travel time from the current six hours to just one hour.

3. It Stands Over Lohit river; a Tributary of The Brahmaputra

dhola-sadiya bridge

The massive bridge would stand upon Lohit. Lohit is one of the biggest tributaries of Brahmaputra River. It originates in eastern Tibet and enters India through Arunachal Pradesh before entering Assam. At Sadiya it takes the widest span and takes the name of Brahmaputra.

4. It can Withstand an Army Truck that Weighs Around 60-tonne

dhola-sadiya bridge

The bridge is designed to be extremely masculine. It is able to withstand the weight of an Army truck that weighs around 60-tonne. The bridge will certainly give the army access to an extremely remote part of the Chinese border, along the Anjaw and Dibang valley of Arunachal, allowing them to move tanks over it.

5. It will be Great Logistical Assistance for the Indian Army

dhola-sadiya bridge
Credit: Sangeeta Barooah Pishroty

Because of the lack of connecting roads between Dhola-Sadiya the army deployment in the remote areas of Arunachal Pradesh was hampered. This paved a prospective threat from China to occupy the neighboring state. After the Dhola-Sadiya Bridge and because of its impeccable ability to withstand heavy army tools there would be the successful deployment of Army in the remote areas of Arunachal Pradesh.

6. It Comes as a Blessing for the People of Arunachal Pradesh

dhola-sadiya bridge

The local people of Dhola- Arunachal Pradesh are all elated to have the bridge in place. It is nothing short of a blessing for the local people. As of now, the people use to travel from Dhola to Sadia in ferries. The entire travel time was 2 hours; once the bridge will become functional the road connectivity will be so efficient that the travel time would be cut down to 30 minutes.

7. Dhola-Sadiya Bridge – A Savior

dhola-sadiya bridge
Workers readying the Dhola Sadiya bridge for its inauguration of May 26. Photo-Saengeeta Barooah Pisharoty

Every year many people die in the rural Arunachal Pradesh because of the lack of connectivity. The ferries, which were the only mode to commute, stop during the monsoons as the Brahmaputra sore during the season, cutting all the connectivity of the eastern state of the country.

The construction of this bridge started in 2011. It was a part of the project aimed at improving the road connectivity between the two adjacent states. The total allotted budget for the project was 50,000 Crore Rs out of which Rs. 950 were allocated to Dhola-Sadiya Bridge.

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These were some incredible facts to know about the Dhola-Sadiya Bridge which will be the longest bridge in India.


  1. A well explained . I am from Assam . Born in Digboi , the oldest oil refinery still in operational. I know what hardship all the people residing there facing particularly in monsoon time when flood will be so ferocious. I hope this will benefit all the people residing in both side of bridge and adjoining areas. Stay blessed and God bless us all..

  2. Hey ,
    Happy to know the 7 facts about dhola sadiya bride, Its great to be here in Magical Assam, which gives us the various information ranging from Assamese old Culture to Assamese modern lifestyle. Really it has a vital role in Assam, At least we are able to know about the Assamese Film Industry without reading the Bismoi because I don’t read Bismoi Anymore 🙁
    Keep doing good. Cheers.

  3. The bridge is a marvel…however the approach road which was undergoing earth filling well after the the 30th of April 2017…note… I had driven across that day….is now totally pitched….how is this possible when a lot of time is required for the soil to become compact !!!!.
    .I now wonder…what was the need to open the route in such haste !…the approach will not even last a year…anticipating the expected traffic after the opening !!!….wonder why no one raised this issue…or are they afraid of something…wish news 18 would cover this.

  4. I am born and brought up at Arunachal Pradesh. We used to cross mighty Brahmaputra by ferry from Sadia to Dhola every time we need to come to Tinsukia and Dibrugarh. During monsoon, it was so dangerous to cross River Brahmaputra. Now I want to travel to sadia from Dhola…can’t say when the opportunity will arrive. Wish all peoples of Assam and Arunachal happy motoring on Dhola to Sadia over Brahmaputra.

  5. I am Assam Assamese Ajoy so it proud that India’s longest river bridge in Assam dhola sadiya an usefull for every one ….

  6. Feel exceedingly Proud to have such a really gorgeous bridge in my state Assam. My heartfelt gratitude to all concerned who made it beautifully possible. Me is always fascinated & thoroughly weak in the name of Lohit, Budha Lui, Brahmaputra. So this Tie between the lands of Assam & Arunachal Pradesh seems to me an everlasting essence at this very moment and years to come. Let’s celebrate sharing loves with each other of the states A-A !

  7. Feel exceedingly Proud to have such a really gorgeous bridge in my state Assam. Loves & heartfelt gratitude to all concerned who made it beautifully possible. Me is ever fascinated & thoroughly weak in the name of Lohit, Buddha Lui, Sang Po & Brahmaputra ! The Tie between the lands of Assam & Arunachal Pradesh seem to me an everlasting essence right this moment & years to come !! Let’s celebrate sharing loves with each other of A-A !!!


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