Nilotpal Bora’s Latest Release “Atiyar Xomoi” is Creatively Amazing

After the tremendous success of “Majuli”, Nilotpal Bora releases Another video song “Atiyar Xomoi”. Directed by Aniruddha Barua the video actualy a timelaps featuring Nilotpal Bora himself.

More information about this video
Lyrics : Zubeen Garg
Composition & Vocal : Nilotpal Bora
Music Producer : Ishan Das
Backing Vocals : Ambar Das
Vocal Design : Anil Dole
Mixing and Mastering : Pankaj Borah(Mridul)
Recording Studio : Phatbox Studio(Mumbai)

Video Team :
Direction & Cinematography : Aniruddha Barua
Video Producer & Editor : Vikash Rai
1st Assistant Direction : Chandan Deka
2nd Assistant Direction : Milan Das
Art Direction : Nayan Kalita & Ashok Das
2nd DOP : Parikshit Das


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