An Assamese short film that portrays the highly sensitive issue of ‘Periods’ that young girls face for the first time, has won hearts of many. Directed by Xahid Khan, short film ‘Alert Condition : Red’ recently made it to Florida’s Film Festival in USA.

This film explains the first experience of a young girl entering her adulthood and the problem she faces because of it.

Alert Condition : Red bagged 2nd Best Film Award in the 9th International Guwahati Film Festival and after that it entered in Jio Filmfare Short Film Award. The film has also officially been selected in Cine Miamo Fest, Florida.

Xahid is an alumni of Pragjyotish College, Guwahati. He completed his Bachelors in Business Administartion from Central IT College.

Xahid also made a film Called “Sand – The Love Without Trust” . The film is 47 minutes long falls in Mini Movie category. The film has a private premiere in Dhubri District and the Response was really good. They planned to keep premiere in Guwahati soon. We will post an article soon about this film.


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