Iram Haq’s directorial “What Will People Say”, starring Adil Hussain, is set to compete at the Toronto International Film Festival next month.

“So proud of ‘What Will People Say’, directed by Iram Haq will be competing at TIFF 17 Toronto. So happy to be a part of this film. Congrats team,” Adil Hussain tweeted on Friday.

“It’s a powerful film about the tension between East and West,” says Cameron Bailey, program director, in today’s press release from the production company and Mer Film distributor. This is Haq’s second feature film as director – the previous, I’m your , also had a world premiere in Toronto (2013).


“It’s amazing and a great opportunity to be selected for the Toronto Competition Program. This is the first time a Norwegian film participates there and it is a great acknowledgment of Iram Haq’s regital. We had really planned the movie to finish premier in 2018, but when the movie was picked out for this program, just wrap around to get the movie ready. Therefore, we have also accelerated the Norwegian cinema premiere until October. We are looking forward to showing the film, both to an international audience and the audience at home, “says producer Maria Ekerhovd.

adil hussain

What will people say , therefore , gets a cinema premiere here already on October 6th, and is now sailing to become one of Norway’s “snakkiser”. The platform section in Toronto has the guideline to highlight strong and unique film voices, and last year, Oscar winner Moonlight and critically acclaimed Jackie competed .

The story circles around 16 years old Nisha, played by newcomer Maria Mozhdah , who lives a double life. At home with the family she is a Pakistani daughter, while out with friends she is a regular Norwegian youth girl. When the father (Adil Hussain) takes her to the peach with her boyfriend, her two parallel worlds collide brutally. To set an example, the parents decide to kidnap Nisha and place her with relatives in Pakistan. Here, in a country she has never been before, Nisha must adapt to the parents’ culture.

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