The Official Trailer of AEI MAATITE, which was launched on 24th July 2017, has created waves in social media. The intense Trailer of the first full-length Assamese feature film on witch hunting problem has been enjoyed by more than 1.20 lakh viewers in different social media platforms in less than six days of its release on last Monday. The film is releasing on 6th October 2017 in all major cinemas across Assam and North East.

The Official Trailer of AEI MAATITE has witnessed nearly 1,000 shares by the netizens. The Trailer was uploaded on the film’s Official Facebook Page, YouTube Channel and Twitter Account. The film’s ‘Online Media Partner’ Magical Assam and ‘Magazine Partner’ Eclectic NorthEast also uploaded and shared the Trailer. Besides, G-Plus, Jollywood Now and Mintu Bora too uploaded the clip in their respective Facebook accounts.

In Facebook, the highest number of views is seen in G-Plus account, where almost 47,000 movie lovers have enjoyed and Trailer. It is followed by AEI MAATITE account with nearly 42,000 impressions. Magical Assam has seen about 23,000 clicks. Over 5,500 netizens have enjoyed the clip on Jollywood Now account, while Eclectic NorthEast witnessed nearly 1,000 clicks. Mintu Bora saw around 100 of his friends watching the video. In YouTube, 2,500 people have seen the Trailer. For an Assamese feature film, these numbers are no lesser than any achievement.


Expressing happiness over the response, AEI MAATITE’s Director Dr. Sitanath Lahkar said: “Overwhelming – that is what I can say at best. The team was confident that people would love the Trailer, but we never expected this amazing rate. And the Trailer is just a glimpse of the complete film. So, the public response gives us the hope that people are going to watch this film and we believe that they will love it.”

The Official Trailer was edited by Mr. Hiranya Kalita, who is a faculty of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Regional Government Film and Television Institute. The music of the Trailer was created by Mr. Tapan Das, while the mixing was done by Mr. Bijoy Kumar Nath at Jyoti Chitraban Film Studio. The length of the video clip is two minutes and thirty seconds.

The movie, made under the banner of ANGEEKAR Films, is directed by independent filmmaker and eminent theatre personality Dr. Lahkar and it is an adaptation of his famous stage play TAMASAA on the burning problem of witch hunting. The Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Lyrics have also been penned by Dr. Lahkar, a retired Principal of Cotton College.

The ‘action-drama’ film has some very critical scenes, shooting of which were done with utmost care and precision. Such type of rustic action scenes are hardly seen in Assamese films. The film cinematically showcases some of the inhuman killings in the name of witch hunting.

ANGEEKAR Films received the clearance from the Central Board of Film Certification (Censor Board) for AEI MAATITE with a U/A certificate.

AEI MAATITE mainly talks about the witch hunting problem in Assam and how a section of people are using witchcraft for their own interest. The film has a very strong message against witch hunting, upholding the value of scientific temperament and human life. Witch hunting has no reason at all and is shrouded with darkness of superstition, which is to be overcome by the society itself – this is the say of the film.

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