Directed by Sourav Baishya, Chirag is an Assamese Film which never got to see the light of the day! Recently director reveals what really happened and why this film has not been completed after four years of its start.

In the year 2014, Sourav Baishya and some of his friends started their most ambitious project Chirag, an action thriller film. After a year they completed half of the shoot and released a teaser which created lots of hype. But due to budget constraints they couldn’t start the last scheduled immediately.

Anyway ,after two years they have decided to resume the shoot and got ready with some new crew members for location hunting. The destination was Mayong. As the director faced some family problem at that moment, he sent his rest of the crew members to the location and asked them to shoot as planned.

Shockingly, all four of the crew members got lost and never came back from the location till date. The last location they were in was a village called Kalpanapur, which is around 20km from Mayong.

After several days police recovered their Handicam, DSLR and Laptops which had around six hours of video footage. Here are some screenshots

The last Facebook update of Assistant director

Director may release those shocking video footages if he gets permission from the family of his crew members.


  1. This is a copy from the Blair witch project. A film which claimed the film is made with the found footage after the crew of the film was lost. That was lie. This film is also marketed like that one. Personally I would like to appeal that a film should be marketed on its merit. Only marketing gimmick should not be the point of selling a film like this. Assamese films are not going good coz makers just want cheap publicity. This harms the industry in a superbly log term altitude.


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