Vreegu Kashyap’s Latest Song “Noie Noie” Copied From This Song!

Update: After 3 hours of publishing this article.
They have now updated YouTube description calling the Assamese song as a COVER version. And as they were receiving hate comments on YouTube, so YouTube commenting has also been disabled.

The blame game for copying music is not something new and has been going on for a long time. Some music directors have copied each and everything while some have cleverly used a solid piece from some super-hit songs.

Recently, Popular singer Vreegu kashyap released a music video titled “Noie Noie” which is a total copy of a Nepali song “Ma Yasto Geet Gauchhu“. Its a song from the movie “Prem Geeet” which was released on 2015. The music director of Noie Noie is Pinkal Pratyush.

Here’s the song “Noie Noie”

Here’s the original Nepali Song

Earlier this year, singing sensation, Zubeen Garg took Facebook to lash out his frustration over a song that has reportedly been copied from one of Zubeen Garg’s timeless classics, ‘Pakhi Pakhi ei mon’.

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