Assamese Film Mission China Leaked Online

Zubeen Garg’s Mission China is one of the most talked about Assamese Films which has created more than 5 records before its official release. The film, which hit the theatres on Friday, has already found its way onto the Internet.

It is quite unfortunate that the big budget movie as far as Assamese film industry is concerned is being leaked online.

In her recent Facebook post, producer Garima Saikia Garg has pointed out some viewers who were broadcasting live right from the cinema hall. The producer has also mentioned that she will take legal action against them. Here are some screenshots.

We have also found some whatsapp groups sharing some clips from the film.

We want to request all the viewers.. please stay away from such activity. You are free to update your Facebook status and upload pictures with the poster but you are not authorized to broadcast live and record any part of the film. You may soon end up in jail.

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  1. Stop piracy, If anyone here found somebody from your friendlist going live on Facebook right from the hall, take a screenshot and send it directly to Garima Saikia Garg.

  2. now #Mission #China Flim sai asu.. Bt bht a Flim khn r video Bonai asa….#Realy kisuman mahuhar Karone #Assam r unnoti nai ??

  3. Eta val movie ulaise… Olp tu ijjat dia… Zubeeen day emn kosto ke bonaise… Amar upohar dise…. Olp laj pabo lage… Plzz oximiya r ijjat rakha… Dorkhok hokol. . Mur falor pora binoti korisu

  4. আচলতে যিসকলে ফেচবুকত লাইভ কৰিছে তেওলোকে পাইৰেচী কৰিম বুলি লাইভ কৰা নাই ৷ মনৰ স্ফূৰ্তিতে লাইভ দিছে কিয়নো গোটেই অসমত টিকটৰ বাবে হাহাকাৰ লাগিছে আৰু তেওলোকে চিনেমাখন প্ৰথম দৰ্শনীতে চালো বুলি প্ৰমাণ দিব খুজিছে ৷ জুবিন দাক সকলোৱে ভাল পায় আৰু সকলো হলত গৈয়ে চিনেমাখন চাব মোৰ অনুৰোধ ৷ হলৰ ভিতৰত গৈ লাইভ ভিডিঅ দিয়াতকৈ হলৰ বাহিৰত এখন চেলফি লৈও ফেচবুকত দিব পাৰি ৷ সকলোকে কৈছো পাছলৈ এনেকুৱা কাম নকৰিব ৷ জুবিন দা arrest কৰা লৰাজনক আপোনাৰ স্বভাৱসুলভ ভংগীমাৰে কওক “সৰু ল’ৰা ভূলতে কৰিছে এৰি দিয়ক।” তেওঁ আপোনাৰ এজন অনুৰাগী। জয় জুবিন দা


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