Written and Directed by the critically acclaimed director, Kangkan Rajkhowa and Produced by ace cinematographer Biplab J. Doley, who also is the Director of Photography, the film is a conglomeration of the best in the job. The film stars both new and old Assamese actors including Udayan Duarah, Amrita Gogoi, Achinta Shankar, Biju Phukhan, Bishnu Khargoria and Pratibha Gogoi, all of immense versatility and talent. The film also is one the first Assamese film to have been entirely shot on the Arri Alexa camera.

Manab, an artist, a free-mind, is in the hospital, struggling for his life. He is an orphan, but the love of his life, Puja, is beside him. Being his support…memories come flashing back in her mind…or are they realization of something ominous that had happened in the past. Or shouldn’t have happened rather. Something which changed their life forever. This is the story of the Assamese film Dur…a story about love, relationships and most importantly realizations. Realizations about what should have been or shouldn’t have been…Realisations of our acts The film, treated through 10 different fights and its realizations in the second half is a unique treatment the writer/director has tried to play with. The film, without being preachy, dwells on the fact that life, as it is, might not give us a second chance…a second chance to repent or correct our mistakes.

This movie made me speechless. This is actually a must watch for everybody. This movie is beyond any hit or collection. This is an evergreen movie with human values and relationship. Great teaching. Regarding performance of artists, its superb by everybody. No comparison. Overall a must watch.” – Diganta

Assamese cinema is breaking boundaries Really a lovely movie, soul-soothing music, and cinematography, great acting wish for more such ones the business window is small, else would have done get business” – Abhinav

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