The film tells the story of a young girl, Basundhara leading the masses to find a means to end the man-elephant conflict, one of the most crucial problems in Assam. Deceived by her boyfriend, disheartened Basundhara finds the only motivation to live the life in her new assignment by the NGO to work in the villages affected by the man-elephant conflict. The villages are adjacent to a National Park where a big racket run by timber merchant Bikash Barua in association with some forest officials and political high ups is destroying the forest and the elephant habitat. There Basundhara ties up with Arjun, a young journalist who is committed to exposing Bikash Barua and company. However, things take an ugly turn as Arjun is found dead. But the zeal of Basundhara is not lost and with the help of an honest forest ranger, she finally succeeds in bringing Bikash Barua and his gang behind bars.

Director: Hiren Bora
Genre: Drama
Cast & Crew: Bishnu Kharghariya, Barsha Rani Bishaya, Saurav Hazarika
Writer: Hiren Bora
Run Time: 1 hrs 57 mins


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