This is How a Holigeet May Sound in The Near Future

“This is how a Holigeet may sound in the near future, that’s what I think! I am always inspired by this festival of love and colors. The world is changing rapidly so my idea is to create this track is to show that we can keep the composition part or the feel as it is with a different arrangement and sounds with eye-catching visuals,” says Bhargav who hails from Howly in Barpeta District.My vision is to show some quality content of Assamese culture and arts in a contemporary way for the internet,” he said on being asked why he zeroed in on Holi or Fakuwa or Deul Utsav as it is known in Assam.The video was shot at Barpeta in Assam by Prabal deep Das and Sam Manash Barman managed by Manas Pathak, home to the famous Barpeta Satra ..


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