Barsha Rani Bishaya Revealed The Dark Side of Assamese Theatre


Prominent Assamese actress Barsha Rani Bishaya has revealed that she is going through an extremely challenging financial situation as she is yet to receive her reimbursement from Kohinoor Theatre because of which she is not being able to repay loans she has taken from the bank.

Speaking to time8, Barsha Rani Bishaya stated that over the past couple of days she has actually dealt with a great deal of monetary hardship as she is under the debt of the bank and she has to repay a minimum of two loans. She mentioned that she remains in this scenario just due to the fact that the management of Kohinoor Theatre has not paid her the compensation for the past one year.

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She raised the problem as she stated she got tired of awaiting the management to offer her the money for which she had actually worked so hard. She had actually reportedly taken a home mortgage along with a vehicle loan and was wishing to pay them off with her income from the season’s programs. If the Theatre management does not pay her then she will not be able to pay back these loans, she said through a post on social media.

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Barasha expressed that she is very much attached to the Theatre and within five days of her husband’s death, she had gone on stage to perform keeping in mind the 150 families who are dependent on the Theatre.

Kohinoor Theatre is a mobile Theatre group which was established by Ratan Lahkar in the year 1976.

Such events of delay in payment of remuneration by various Mobile Theatre groups have actually been reported from time to time in the current past too.



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