Ma Kamakhya Has Never Asked For Any Sacrifice: Zubeen Garg

zubeen garg

Zubeen advocating against the practice of sacrificing animals as a ritual said,”Stop animal sacrifice”.Talking on Bollywood actor Govinda’s trip to Kamakhya to offer sacrifice to the Goddess, Zubeen commented,”Instead of sacrificing animals, Govinda must have offered himself”. “Maa Kamakhya never seeks such forfeit”, he added.

Residents of Nilachal Hill, where Kamakhya temple is located witnessed Zubeen Garg on Monday night through a musical event.

During this event, Zubeen made a request to the audience about ‘animal sacrifices’ and why one should protest against such practice.

However, a section of priests at the temple do not completely agree with the views expressed by Zubeen and requested him to concentrate on his profession and not get involved with religious sentiments.

The doloi of Kamakhya Temple Kabindra Sharma condemned Zubeen’s statement and said that he should not instigate people against religious rituals. Sharma added, “Zubeen is a singer and should stick to his profession. He has no knowledge about the significance of the holy rituals held at Kamakhya Temple. The rituals will continue the same way and Zubeen should not speak against it. These religious rituals have historical and mythological significances which the singer is not aware of“.

Earlier, Zubeen had also made comments on Brahmins and the holy thread that marks their identity.


  1. জুবিন গাৰ্গে কোনো ভুল কৰা নাই । তেওঁ কিয় ক্ষমা খুজিব ??
    তেওঁ বলি-বিধানৰ বিৰুদ্ধে মন্তব্য দিছে । আমিও বলি বিধানৰ বিৰোধিতা কৰো। ভগৱানে কেতিয়াও জীৱ হত্যা কৰাটো নিবিচাৰে
    আৰু জুবিন দাদাই কেতিয়াও ক্ষমা নুখুজে
    আৰু দ্বিতীয়তে কামাখ্যা মন্দিৰটো কাৰো ব্যক্তিগত সম্পদ ধৰি
    এই শক্তিপীঠ ৰাজহুৱা সম্পত্তি জুবিন দাৰ যেতিয়া ইচ্ছা তেতিয়াই তেওঁ ইয়ালৈ আহিব পাৰে

  2. I true humanity educated people never use a animal for fulfilling there wishes. Only uneducated, cruel, selfish and criminal people kill those innocent animals animals for their selfish motives. God left us thousands of years back..but seeded ill, illogical thoughts in some of our feeble minds. Even educated people kill animals…god knows what they took their degrees for if they believe in animal sacrifice…..instead of killing animals, sacrifice your children. Animals have families too.

    Zubeen da is right this time

  3. Eku dorkar nai khoma khujar..sosa kothai koise..bondho hobo lage ene amanobio karya… sokolurei dhormio bissakhok sonman jonau…mathu sei bissakhe anor khoti koribo nelage…sihoteu jibonok vaal pai aru jiai thakibo bisare…kamakhyat goi dekhisu aru dukhere uvoti ahisu


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