Assam YouTuber Arrested For Criticizing The Government

Police have arrested the youth, who had posted a video in which he was criticizing the BJP government along with the PM, Assam CM, and Himanta Biswa Sarma. The video suddenly got viral in which Rubul talks about various issues like Citizenship amendment bill, NRC, Illegal Bangladeshi immigrants etc. The name of his channel is “Rubul Creation”.

Later, he was arrested as a case was filed against him by a BJP social media manager from Majuli, Bijit Mudoi. The Youtuber is from Bongaon, Golaghat.

Although the youtube channel has been deleted, many channels have re-uploaded the video. You can probably find the video by searching as “rubul creation video” on google.

[Left] Bijit Mudoi [Right] The YouTuber


  1. India is a democratic country until you criticize it. Hosa kotha jodi kunubai dekhor kotha koi aru jodi heiya sorkare jodi bhal napai, loge loge ANTI-NATIONAL akhya diye. What the hell is happening.


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