Grappling with Addiction Musical Short ‘Kio Eman Humoniyah’ Making Waves

A new short musical – ‘Kio Eman Humoniyah’, inspired by real-life stories of people who have succumbed to drugs, depression, and alcoholism, has been creating waves on the YouTube and social media.

Directed by Prasant Saikia of ‘Rum Vodka Whisky’-fame, the musical takes a look at the epidemic of addiction in our society where a lot of young people are overwhelmed by drug and alcohol addiction, resulting in severe anxiety and panic attacks.

The film emphasizes the importance of compassion and fellow feeling. Many lives can be saved if we pay heed to the quiet whispers of those who are suffering and those struggling to liberate themselves from the grip of addiction. It is those very affected who require a lot of sympathy and support. The musical concludes with the message that hope, love, and humanity can save the day.

Presented by PM Associates, the short film, grappling with relevant social issues, has been produced by Pankaj Mahanta. The cast of artists includes Udayan Duarah, Kishour Giri, Nandini, Shehnaz Khan and Manashi Bharali, among others. Written and musically scored by Tridip Basumatary, the title song has been rendered by Tridip Basumatary and Reine. While the editing is by Abhijit Roy, the camerawork has been carried out by Tiraap Simanta Medhi.


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