Constructing Political Atrocity

    With increasing commercialization, there seems to be growing concern and increasing questionings among people about the future of mobile theatre, which is clearly deteriorating in terms of quality and content. Despite the growing number of professional theatres, the plays seemed to have reached a point of absolute stagnation. Theatergoers go off to see plays that have a certain novelty and a make-believe quality, which is sadly lacking nowadays.

    A new emerging theatre troupe is quite keen to make a difference to the scene by honestly exploring the critical social problems of the day.

    Ashirbaad Theatre is looking forward to establishing a receptive audience with its artistic endeavors. The troupe’s final rehearsals are being conducted at their base camp in Rangia. The music of their flagship play ‘Mission Asomiya’ is already completed. The play has been written by noted dramatist-writer Hillol Kumar Pathak.

    It’s one of those very few plays, which is building up curious interests among aficionados and fans. The story revolves around a rural family, who loses everything that they hold dear as a result of misuse and abuse of political power by corrupt politicians.

    Gunjan Bhardwaj, who has curved his own niche in films and music videos, will make his debut in mobile theatre with Ashirbaad Theatre. ‘Mission Asomiya’ will also feature artists like veteran actor and the play’s director Pranjit Das, Itee Phukan, Priyanka Baruah, Muhi Bora, Biki Kashyap, Dipankar Malakar, Nilotpal Bora, Sunayan Sarma, Dharmeswar Kakati, etc. Sourav Goswami and Kangkan Goswami, Ashirbaad’s producers, are quite enthusiastic about their play. The music has been scored by Ahir Bhairav, while the songs are being rendered by Zubeen Garg, Ailita Kashyap, Hiranjit, Anamika Nath among others.

    Talking about his play’s theme, Hillol Kumar Pathak said that his play exposes the political atrocity in the State. Assam has earned the dubious distinction of being the most corrupt State in the country. “There is a high level of corruption in several vital public sector services,” he says while stating that ‘Mission Asomiya’ will be an open ‘Jihad’ against the scourge of corruption and corrupt politicians. The play also deals with contemporary concerns like rising unemployment and terrorism.

    The dialogues are being written in accordance with the nature of the play, which Pathak believes will widely appeal theatre-goers in the State. The other two plays to be staged by the theatre troupe are Anuradha Sarma Pujari’s ‘Manab Aranyar Jontu’ and a play called ‘Salaam Premik’.

    Prantik Deka
    Prantik Deka
    Photography and Publicity Consultant from Guwahati
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