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Directed by Nipon Dholua, the film, ‘Me and My Sister’, deals with the impact of the act of the female fetus on a child. A lady is carrying at primary stage. One day finds a young lady refusing to accept the award ‘Woman of the Year’,

The lady is deeply concerned about the trauma and agony in the life of Dolly and her little daughter. Along with her husband and son, lady provides mental support to Dolly and thus she becomes involved with Dolly’s life. Doctor after a routine check up of the lady finds that she is carrying a twin. This makes both the lady and her husband ecstatic. But her son is more excited about his sister to be born.

“The film deals with the fate of a girl child. Currently, under the Indira Gandhi child Welfare scheme, Government of India presents an amount of Rupees 25,000 on the birth of first girl child to the families and Rupees 20,000 on the birth of second which we feel is not enough and should be increased,” said Nipon Dhoula.

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