Everybody is Talking About This Assamese Song by Abhi Saikia

Have you listened to the Assamese song Nakhyatra by Abhi Saikia? If not then you should have now. After listening to this song you will realize that this is the kind of song we are waiting for so long.

After Nilotpal Bora’s Majuli, Abhi Saikia’s Nakhyatra is winning hearts across the Assamese music lovers.

NAKHYATRA is the second track by Abhi Saikia, featuring Shankuraj Konwar on vocals. The song has been penned by Shankuraj.

This song is essentially a story about a person who sets out on a journey of his own to find his lost brother. As the song progresses, the person is reminded of the memories of his brother and is haunted by the moments that they shared. He thinks of all the evil in the world and shivers from the thoughts of not finding his brother.

“As the stars outshine the moon tonight, and as the meteors fall down upon the horizon, tell me, brother, where did you lose yourself?”

The melodies and the musical structure of the song were composed keeping in mind the exact imagery as above and has been an effort to provide a cinematic audio experience through it.

Lyrics of NAKHYATRA – by Abhi Saikia


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