2nd Guwahati International Film Festival Concludes with a Bang

    The 2nd Guwahati International Film Festival (GIFF) 2018 started with a bang from 25th October 2018 and concluded on 31st October 2018. Over 100 international films from more than 40 countries are being screened in one of the largest film festivals in India. During the festival, Guwahati city is flooded with more than 100 internationally acclaimed filmmakers, actors and film personalities from all over the world. The closing film of the festival is the multi-award winning film Black Crow (Turkey) directed by Muhammet Tayfur Aydin.

    Other notable films to be screened at the festival were – Bhoga Khiriki (Assamese), In the life of music (Cambodia), Miracle (Lithuania), Comic Sans (Croatia), Ballad from Tibet (China), The man who looks like me (Estonia), The Pagan King (Latvia), etc.

    Axl Hazarika, Assamese experimental music artiste, Head of Jyoti Chitraban Digital Archive and a member of the organizing committee said, “We are overwhelmed at the response we received to Guwahati International Film Festival 2018. Nice to see such interest in international films among the common people. And, we are thankful to all our guests for making this the best film festival ever to happen in Northeast India”

    Madara Dislere and Saurav Ganguly taking part in GIFF 2018

    The 2nd Guwahati International Film Festival 2018 is organized by Jyoti Chitraban in association with DBHRGFTI under the Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Assam.

    Some of the guests who took an active part in the delegate drives of Guwahati International Film Festival (GIFF) 2018 are – Saurav Ganguly, Ms Zanda Senkova (Latvia), Mr. Ivo Martinsons (Latvia), Maie Rossman-Lill (Estonia), Madara Dislere (Latvia), Sebastian Risso(Italy), Valerio Emilio Tranchida, Shaji N Karun, Seema Biswas, Imtiaz Ali, A Sreekar Prasad, Aribam Syam Sarma, Jahnu Barua, Argentinian Ambassador, Estonian Ambassador, Serbian Ambassador, Myanmar Ambassador, etc.

    Magical Assam Staff
    Magical Assam Staff
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