Othello | 2018 | Assamese Film | Watch Now

“Othello (অথেলো) : We too have our Othellos” is a National Award winning Assamese film.
Starring : Arun Nath, Arup Baishya, Runu Devi, Jupitora Bhuyan.
Directed By : Hemanta Kumar Das
Produced By : Manabendra Adhikari
Studio : Chitraban Studio

The treatment of the film emphasizes move on experiences than on events. The vastness of uninterested time of individual as well as collective life is explored through the film as if life in the form of river has flow and consistency at the same time. The characters interest among them to reflect the routine life as well as life embroiled in social and political interest. But inspite of pains and sufferings of the characters life goes on as usual because men’s journey for their livelihood and other demands of existence compelled him to continue their journey.


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